15 Best Nanny Cams 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Nanny Cams on the market?

Take a look at this list!nanny cams

Nanny cam is one of the best, and at the same time one of the easiest ways of making sure our child or children are secure.

Thanks to hidden nanny cam we can keep an eye on them and still make some other errands out.

Nanny cams are also great when you want to protect your house against burglars, or you are pretty sure someone’s entering your office when you are away. However, finding legitimate product that will work without any problems, for as long as we want, is quite difficult.

Therefore, we decided to create a list of the best nanny cameras you can find on the market.

The article will provide you with all the pros and cons of each and every device.

What’s more, Spy Cells is also going to present a comparison with prices, so you can find some alternatives for pricier products.

Nanny Cams – how to find a good one?

Finding the best nanny cam is quite difficult since the market is filled with variety of models. However, there are several aspects thanks to which you know that you look at one of the best nanny cams currently available.

What kind of traits do we have in mind?

Take a look below.

When looking at nanny cams, the first thing you have to take under consideration is the type of product in which the wireless spy camera will be hidden.

Manufacturers provide us with plenty of choices, starting from regular alarm clocks, going through baby monitors, lamps, coverts, frames, and ending on fake plants or teddy bears.

All these things proved to be a great place for our cameras to be hidden.

When looking for quality hidden cams, you should look at these products due to their amazing camouflaging capabilities. Another feature you also should pay attention to is looking for nanny cam with audio feature. Of course, the cheapest models are not going to have audio recording included. Even those mid-end devices have very poor quality sound recording features. That is why in the case of nanny cams with the option to record sound, you should look for pricier ones.

There are of course other important traits like video quality (the best option is to choose at least 720p video quality), the capacity of card memory (16 GB is absolute minimum), or stability of the Wi-Fi connection. Nonetheless, let’s for now focus on the things you should definitely avoid while looking for nanny cams.

One of the most important discouragements in terms of nanny cam is, in our view at least, the lack of remote controlling.

What’s more, from our experience we can recommend avoiding products that cannot guarantee stable connection and reliable notifications.

As for nanny cam with audio, it’s much better to purchase the one without audio features, than get the cheap one, where not only the audio quality is poor, but the video has gotten worse due to the necessity of installing elements that will provide you sounds. That is why it’s recommendable to resign from sound if you want to pay less.

Sound recording is a great trait for high-end cameras that cost more than $100-$150.

15 nanny cams worth recommending in 2017

  1. A cheap solution – Eyeclub Hidden Camera

Eyeclub Hidden Camera

The producers from Eyeclub Company has prepared for us a very affordable product that will provide us with 1080p video quality. It is a great device built in an alarm clock, one of the most basic, yet how effective camouflages. The features installed in this particular model include motion activated video recording, taking photos, audio recording, and of course basic alarm clock functions like time displaying and setting the alarm. Before you use Eyeclub Hidden Camera, you should read the instruction to make sure everything is clear. The only issue some of you may find regarding this device is its poor quality of audio-visual aspect. Despite 1080p, we can see a small number of frames per second, very low level of sound, and a lot of visual artefacts.




– Price,

– Basic design,

– Simple usage.


– Poor quality of sound and video.


  1. An offer number two is Baby Monitor by LeFun

 Baby Monitor LeFun

Baby Monitor LeFun 720p is a Wireless Camera WiFi Surveillance that along with the previous one, is one of the cheapest nanny cameras we can suggest. When on sale, it costs only $49.99. The first difference one can see is its shape. It’s no longer an alarm clock, but a Baby Monitor with additional features. This one has also microphone built-in, but from what we tested, 720p video quality presents on the same level as 1080p in Eyeclub. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection and the motion detector feature, you can be notified each time the motion is detected. Another amazing feature, thanks to which the product can observe your beloved children at nights without any problems, is night vision. Yet, people seem to have problems with configuring apps for notifications. What’s more, the apk is a bit battery-consuming, since it requires from your phone to be turned on all the time.




– Price,

– Support for 64 GB micro SD card,

– Great angle rotations.


– Difficult to set up, issues with notifying apk.


  1. Looking for something different? Take a look at Conbrov WF28 HD Hidden Camera

Nanny CamsOnce again we receive a hidden camera in security nanny monitor that gives us a night vision, the feature available in the offer number two as well. Except that we also receive very accurate motion detector that works up to 24 meters, which is much better results than achieved in other hidden cameras. Nanny cams like the one given to us by Company Conbrov are made with the greatest care. This particular model has also got loop recording set as default, date and time on each and every video, and support for micro sd card, up to 32 GB. However, as it happens in case of low-end products, there are things that do not work as they should. A great example can be poor quality of the video, which is one of the few, yet significant flaws.





– Very good motion detector,

– Support for 32 GB memory card,

– Very good camouflage of the camera.


– Quality of the video could be better.


  1. Wish to purchase something better? Then look at one of the best nanny cam we can offer up to $100!

Nanny CamsThe best nanny cams are characterized by high quality finishing, high definition video, and very good quality of the audio. However, we cannot forget about great camouflage, which in case of FREDI 360°Wide Angle Fisheye WiFi IP Hidden Camera Bulb LED Lights 960P is one of the best ones. This particular hidden camera gives us the possibility to observe the environment all around the bulb, which is a quite nice variation from all the other products recommended in here. What’s more, as it was already mentioned before, it gives us something more than just a regular HD quality of the video. 720P in video format: 1280×720 guarantees decent image, which should meet most of your expectations. The price of this product is $86, but thanks to that we receive such amazing advantages as motion detection alerts, playback with audio, and what is more important recording 24/7. Still, some of the people believe that 1080p would be much better choice.




– 360°Wide Angle,

– Very easy to turn on all the functions,

– Very well prepared intercom/microphone feature.


– Lack of connection with cloud or other online file sharing services.


  1. Yet another suggestion concerns 1080p hidden camera provided by Eyeclub

Nanny CamsEyeclub Hidden Camera, Wireless Spy Camera Detector, HD 1080P Real-Time Video is the production you may be interested in getting. Why? It offers the same functions as previous products. However, this one gives you 1080p quality of the video, which offers much better video quality than the ones previously described. Thanks to simple Wi-Fi connection, you can remotely control the device, and watch it live from any place. What’s more, motion sensors provide you with notifications every time they are triggered. Another trait you should definitely pay your attention to is Micro SD card storage, where you can put 64 GB card and enjoy a lot of data without worrying about looping or, yet another novelty, overwriting. The cost of this widely appreciated wireless spy camera is $89, so it is still not that much for such quality device.





– 1080p video quality,

– Support for 64 GB Micro SD Card,

– Overriding option.


– Even though it is described as wireless, it still has to be connected to the adapter, since it doesn’t have a battery inside.


  1. Want to see nanny cams that look like desk lamp? Then take a look at the production by Littleadd!

Nanny CamsLittleadd Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Desk Lamp 1080P Full HD is an upgraded version of a nanny cam, which was some time ago released by the manufacturers. As usual, we receive here a surveillance camera with the possibility to monitor everything via application. It is an excellent solution for people, who are looking for hidden nanny cam that can at the same time serve as spy cam. The connection through Wi-Fi gives you the possibility to control the device remotely. Littleadd made sure to provide us with some additional features like for example the option to increase the brightness of the lamp through the apk. Unfortunately, the lamp isn’t a very good choice in the dark, because it hasn’t got night vision included. Nanny Cams hidden in lamps are quite rare, yet the cost of this product is $99.99. Given the fact the most expensive products we are going to suggest later on costs four times as much, it’s not that bad.





– Full HD recording,

– The possibility to control all the functions, even lamp brightness, remotely,

– Two-way audio feature.


– Poor quality at nights.


  1. See other nanny cameras we have in the recommendation list!

Nanny CamsConbrov product will find its place at our list once again. This time we’ve got for you a hidden camera in Video Recorder covert. This device gives us the video in 720p HD, pretty standard among quality products. What’s more, this one provides us also with a motion activated detection that thanks to night vision works perfectly during the day and at nights. A very interesting, yet rather unique advantage this hidden cam has over other products, is its built-in 10,000mAh battery. Thanks to that, we are provided with 30 hours of day camera footage and 10 hours during the night. Moreover, the detection system is a very advanced system that was designed by Conbrov manufacturer. Because of that, it detects any movement in the distance of 20-25 feet from the camera. 32 GB of maximum capacity of Micro SD card allows you to store quite a lot of data. And after hidden cam is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest footages.




– Great and unique design,

– Thanks to 10.000mAh, its standby period is 2 years,

– Decent quality at night.


– Noticeable delays when the recording began after the motion is detected.


  1. Looking for nanny cams hidden in a photo frame? Then this one is ideal for you!

Nanny CamsOnce again Conbrov presents a quality product with the use of which we can record everything that happens in the range of hidden cam. As usual, we receive standard HD 720P visual quality in the photo frame. What’s more, it also features night vision as well as motion activated function. The camouflage in this particular model is very well designed. The lens are concealed very deeply, so no one will never notice there is a camera hidden. What’s more, night vision does not light up at nights, so there’s no way someone will notice recording. Another advantage that makes it one of the best nanny cam products in 2017 is its battery. 10.000mAh lets you record 30 hours of footage during the day and 10 hours at nights. You can also customize the option of looping and overwriting already existing files, as well as turn off or on audio. The cost of this photo frame hidden cam is $119.99, so it’s not that much of an expense.





– Perfectly concealed lens in great camouflage,

– Clear Visual quality thanks to 720p in 30 FPS,

– Great quality in total darkness.


– Very difficult to customize due to poorly written instruction.


  1. Number nine in our list of 15 the best nanny cams goes to spy camera hidden in a classic wall clock!

Nanny CamsThis one is one of the most expensive hidden cameras we will be recommending, but there is a reason for spending approximately $400. This nanny cam has been manufactured by Spy-MAX, highly regarded surveillance security company. In this wall clock, we receive a built-in camera with the possibility of connecting it to Wi-Fi network. Thanks to that you can observe the footage from the camera in any place you are. What’s more, with the use of Spy-MAX Surveillance Wall Clock Hidden Camera you will never have to worry about problems with poor quality. This particular camera gives us 720p in 30 FPS. What’s more, the connection to WiFi makes it very easy to observe everything remotely on your smartphone. We cannot forget about notifications that are triggered by motion (there is also an option to set up motion activated recording).





– Very easy to set up,

– Great compatibility of free app with the device,

– Hidden SSID, making the camera undetectable on your network.


– Very costly.

  1. Yet you wish to find nanny cam with audio? Then LIZVIE GF-H100 Mini WiFi Spy Hidden Camera Clock With Night Vision will appeal to your taste!

Nanny CamsThe characteristic feature of this hidden camera is its small size. It is hidden inside a 3.1 inch fully operational cube clock. As for the camera itself, there’s HD 720P H.264 quality, with viewing angle of 75°. The angle is not the widest, but it fulfils its basic purposes. If you care about sizeable SD cards, then you will be glad to hear that this particular model can support up to 64G SD card. Another function that surely distinguishes this product from other devices is its two-way audio. We can both listen to things that happen in our office or at our home, as well as use intercom. The manufacturers couldn’t forget about motion detection option, which notifies you through e-mails, snapshots, or regular push alerts. Yet, the problem can be small capacity of the battery, so it is recommended to have it plugged in to the electricity constantly. The cost of this hidden nanny cam is $149.00.





– Very easy to install and pair with your smartphone,

– 100% invisible lens,

– Very good video quality.


– Small battery capacity.


  1. 720p HD WIFI Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera Wireless – yet another device that can be considered the best nanny cam in 2017.

Nanny CamsWhy looking for $400 Nanny Cams, when there is a gadget made by AES Spy Cameras for $200 and fulfils almost all the requirements perfectly? This particular model gives us a 720P HD quality with Wi-Fi network, which basically means we can watch live videos anywhere we are. Its user-friendly setup will let you install everything very quickly and without any difficulties. As for the quality, image resolution is 1280 x 720 in case of 720P. You can also change the quality on VGA. Why would you do that? First of all, it saves space on your memory card (which supports only up to 32G Micro SD cards), and to receive 30 Frames Per Second. You see, major flaw of this device is its video quality. 720P provides us only with 25FPS, and in order to get more, we have to reduce the quality.




– Simple design,

– Very easy installation process,

– Already included memory card.


– Poor video quality and no night vision.


  1. Looking for pricier nanny cameras? Then Mini Gadgets Lawmate Hidden Camera Outlet will surely meet your requirements!

Nanny CamsManufactured by Lawmate, this particular Hidden Camera is hidden in outlet, thanks to which it is incredibly difficult to discover. For the price of $295.00 we are provided with 720P 1280×720 30 FPS visual recording, which can be activated by motion or record constantly. The installation is incredibly easy, since we use stick-it tape to set up the camera. Thanks to that it can be used literally anywhere, as long as you have a wall. However, if you are looking for a nanny cam with audio, this one is not for you. Lawmate didn’t include microphone in here. However, the lack of live notifications and overwriting are two biggest flaws.






– Very easy to install,

– Great video quality,

– Optimized for variety of operating systems,

– Portable.


– No live notifications,

– No looping or overwriting.


  1. Yet another spy camera worth recommending is the one hidden in fake plant!

Nanny CamsSpy Camera with WiFi Digital IP Signal, Recording & Remote Internet Access (Camera Hidden in Fake Plant) was manufactured by SCS Enterprises and it gives us 720P quality of the video with very wide angle. Thanks to that we can cover more space. The most characteristic feature in this model is its P2P technology. It basically lets you save all the footage on your computer or smartphone, so you don’t have to store everything in built-in 16GB SD card memory. If you use any other SCS hidden camera, you can connect it together and have a footage from up to 32 different covert objects!






– Relatively easy to set up,

– Good performance under low light,

– Remote controls.


– Expensive.


  1. Camera hidden in Air Purifier? Only from SCS Enterprises!

Nanny CamsAnother costly, yet very high quality hidden cam very 100% working air purifier. The quality of the image we get here is 704×576 resolution. It may be considered as disadvantage, especially when we take into account the price we need to pay for this All-in-One SD Card Self Recording Covert Spy Camera (it ranges from $369.00 up to 389.00). However, a very easy installation as well as motion detection option that automatically starts recording make up for the video quality. It is also worth to note that remote controls with the possibility to review the footage on PC or Mac computers make this hidden cam very attractive.






– Clear, user-friendly installation,

– Compatible with PC and Mac OS,

– Portable.


– Low quality video.


  1. Last but definitely not least nanny cam is hidden in teddy bear!

Nanny CamsThis very beautiful spy cam is a great wireless spy camera that provides high quality each time motion detection is activated. The thing that differs this product from other hidden cams described in this article is its possibility to adjust the quality of the video. Thanks to that we can prolong the standby time and the time of recording. It’s pretty useful, especially if you don’t want to change 8G memory card that is included on 64G. At the best settings, the camera guarantees the resolution of 1280 x 720 with 30 FPS and the field of view at 140°. The battery included in this hidden spy cam is 10.000mAh, which is very sizeable capacity. The only downside of this product may be its price, since it costs $399.00.






– Long-lasting battery,

– A lot of video settings,

– Wide view field,

– Very good video quality when set on the best settings.


– The price.


The summarization

The list gave you a glimpse of what to look when it comes to quality hidden cams. As you probably noticed, it’s not always the best idea to spend all your money on one item, since there are plenty of alternative products you may enjoy using. Therefore, we recommend to think the purchase of nanny cam over. If the recommended products didn’t get your attention, you can always look by yourself. However, keep in mind the features mentioned above!



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